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I’m a Lebanese-Belgian living on stolen Indigenous Land. A lot of people in Canada still live without knowing or caring about the past & present systemic violence and racism against Black & Indigenous communities. Education, mindsets and the entire system need to change, myself included.

I strongly believe that there are no such things as personal gain. We only thrive if the entire community is lifted up.


Below are 3 organizations centering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) lives my shop profits will be going to! Please find extra resources and documentation at the bottom of the page.

✿ THE 519 


From refugee settlement to counseling, The 519 serves the people of Toronto by supporting happy, fulfilling LGBTQ2S lives.


Check them out here.


For over 40 years the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal Inc. (NFCM) has provided continuous quality services to the urban Indigenous population of Montreal and their families and is the only comprehensive service and referral point in the Greater Montreal Area (GMA) in relation to health, social services, legal, orientation/information, education, training, and employment referral for those migrating to or through the city including those from across Quebec, Canada, and the Americas.


Check them out here.


Here, we listen, support, and guide people between the ages of 12 and 25 who exchange sexual services for any form of compensation. Our services are intended for young people, but also for families and professionals who seek support in their work with teens and young adults.


Check them out here.



Black Lives Matter:

Defund the Police:


Read about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: 

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