Demigirl Pride | Starter Pack

Demigirl Pride | Starter Pack


- D E S C R I P T I O N -

This Demigirl Starter pack includes :

- 1 iron-on pride atom patch
- 1 Demigirl Dopamine Hard Enamel Pin
- 3 stickers: 1 pride atom, 1 dopamine demigirl flask, 1 Magnesium element (square)
- 1 surprise freebie

Each pin pride flask is labeled with the formula of dopamine. Dopamine is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter because it plays an essential role in helping our brain's neurons transmit feelings of reward, pleasure, and motivation. This design is a symbol for us to feel good being ourselves. The pin measures 4cm x 1.5cm | 1.5 in x 0.6 in. The metal color is silver. There are 2 backing pins on the back to attach it securely to your belonging. The pin backs are black rubber.

- P A C K A G I N G -

This pride badge is packaged into a recyclable plastic sleeve, secured by a backing cardstock for it not to bend! All the packaging materials have had a second life! Let's protect the environment.

  • How to Iron a Patch?

    1. Place the patch onto your piece of clothing.

    2. Cover a thin natural cloth on the patch, and then iron it on. Avoid using the iron directly on the patch to protect the patch from high temperatures.

    3. Keep pressing the iron around 50 - 60 seconds and the temp approx. 170 - 180C (depend on the thickness of cloth)

    4. Move out iron, wait for it to cool down completely

    5. If adherence is not perfectly, please repeat action Step 3 & 4