Dyke Lesbian Pride Enamel Pins

Dyke Lesbian Pride Enamel Pins


Dyke Pride Pin is inspired by Dysprosium chemical element, with symbol Dy and atomic number 66. This lesbian pride flag, created in 1999, involves a labrys on a black triangle with a lavender background. The labrys, a double ax-like weapon, is used on the right corner. It was used by Grecian amazons, and ay later labrys became a symbol of lesbians and feminists due to the popularity of a female empowerment publication called Labrys Magazine


The pins itself is a square of 3/4" inch. The metal colour is antique gold. 

Based in Montreal, Canada. Prices are in CAD.

✨ meet the artist! ✨

Yas Petit Poulet is a Lebanese Queer illustrator & designer based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). Their work focus on exploring queer identities through the lens of science.