Genderqueer Starter Pack

Genderqueer Starter Pack


- D E S C R I P T I O N -

This Genderqueer Starter pack includes :

- 1 iron-on pride atom patch
- 1 Gadolonium / Genderqueer soft enamel pin
- 1 pride atom sticker
- 1 surprise freebie

Genderqueer Pride Pin is inspired by Gadolinium chemical element, with the symbol Gd and atomic number 64. The flag has a purple stripe on top, a white stripe in the middle, and a green stripe. Lavender symbolizes androgyny or queerness, white represents agender identity, and green represents people with non-binary identities. The pins itself is a square of 3/4" inch. The metal colour is gold.

- P A C K A G I N G -

The starter pack is packaged into a recyclable plastic sleeve, secured by a cardboard paper for it not to bend! All the packaging materials have had a second life! Let's protect the environment.

  • How to Iron a Patch?

    1. Place the patch onto your piece of clothing.

    2. Cover a thin natural cloth on the patch, and then iron it on. Avoid using the iron directly on the patch to protect the patch from high temperatures.

    3. Keep pressing the iron around 50 - 60 seconds and the temp approx. 170 - 180C (depend on the thickness of cloth)

    4. Move out iron, wait for it to cool down completely

    5. If adherence is not perfectly, please repeat action Step 3 & 4