The project

Queer Chemistry is an enamel pin series, inspired by the chemical elements of the Mendeleev Periodic Table. Each of the enamel pins is a chemical element-style representation of a marginalized gender identity, sexuality, attraction.


The idea behind the concept is that gender and sexuality are just as natural as chemical elements. In other words, every gender and sexuality are valid, natural, and thus deserving of pride and joy.

Today, more than ever, I feel that labels can be used to increase self-assurance and to acquaint with other people. It is a helping hand in identifying/labeling yourself as well as in finding your place within the community and the world.


This project is more than a series of fashionable pins, I would like to believe it is a means to give confidence to you, the lovely souls out there, who face similar issues, so you feel supported, visible, and accepted, and above all, proud of who you are.


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